Friday, March 5, 2010

wow the first day when i made jean lafette national park

Jean layfette Terrance

As a class we went on a field trip to jean lafette national park. It was a fun experience but also an experience i will never forget.i had a lot of fun learning about the wet lands and what they do for us.
while there the class met this lady or ranger Amy. she was most likely from New York were she help preserve history at the statue of liberty. Most likely thats why preserve our wet lands in Louisiana means a lot to her. Did you no our wetland save us from natural disasters, well i didn't until this field trip. I was taught a lot of things there. We went on different trails,and discovered different things. In our time there we went dip netting. If dip netting was a sport i would lose. Dip netting is were you put you net in the water and try to get animals. Because of the fact that it was cold i guess thats why i didn't catch much. Also because the noise we really didn't catch much. I went there with nothing and came out with knowledge and questions, such as would john layfette be considered good or bad? Or what could i do to help our wetlands? so going there would be a great experience. Terrance K.

Jean Lafitte National Park

This is Lindsey and Malquenisha we both went on the field trip to Jean Lafitte National Park. Ranger Ami helped us around the park,she very cool.We had alot of fun walking the Coquille trails and looking at the different plants,insects,and animals, such as spanish moss,palmettos,and fungi.We learned alot about the wetlands and how we're losing them. And we also learned that the wetlands help Louisiana by making hurricanes weaker.On the trip we caught crawfish, shrimp,leeches,and other creatures.This experience was educational and amazing!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Abe's Blog

Hi my name is Abe.I went on a field trip to the Jean Lafitte National Park.It was fun we got to catch shrimp and crawfish.We also got to learn how the wetlands have an effect in louisiana.It help Louisiana with hurricanes,they make the hurricanes weaker.It was a great experience.I think you should go too.

Harris at the Jean Lafitte National Park

At the Jean Lafitte National Park, Ranger Ami talked about the animals and their habitat. Ranger Ami said that most of the animals would not come out because of the cool weather. Ranger Ami also told us not to talk so loud because the animals would not come out they would just run away.When it was time go on the Coquille Trail we saw many Cypress Trees, Palmettos, Fungi/ Algae, and Spanish Moss. The animals we saw were bird dead and alive, snake skins, snake holes, and a baby alligator. When we got back where we started Ranger Ami told us to go get a bucket, a net, and a pair of gloves so we can go water dipping. Many of the students caught leeches, shrimp but my group caught a baby crawfish. Mrs.Brewington, our librarian told us to put it back but we did not want to do it. When it was time to go we all wanted to stay a little while longer but we had to come back to our school T.H. Harris Middle School.
BA 2ndp. L
Hi my name is Abe .I had a lot of fun at the Jean Lafitte National Park.We caught shrimpies and crawfishies.I also learned how wetlands help Louisianal.It was a great experience.We got to see the wonders of the wetlands.Some people went on the Coquille Trail which is also fun.